Friday, August 29, 2008

VPILF? For serious.

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Being a 12 timezones away from the US means that I find out about everything way after you all do (unless it's Chen Shuibian's money-laundering--then I'm first in line!) Like McCain's Vice Presidential Pick--I found out after getting home at 1am (1pm your time)...then promptly passed out on my tatami mat while the rest of you were Googling your fingers off. Then again, at least I didn't find out like this.

You've all read the Sarah Palin commentary on the NYTimes, Slate, WSJ, or whatever it is you read regularly. But have you read If you're drinking anything, be sure to swallow before clicking that link.

Sometimes the internet is just too good to be true.

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Preppy McPrepperson said...

Haha that is pretty amusing, but also indicative of what I see as the core problem with this choice. It's a plea to get women voters but this self-described "hockey mom" is not going to get the kind of voter whose idea of a strong woman is Gloria Steinem.