Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Results are In!

Well, I didn't win the McFlurry contest, but I did get paired with an awesome teacher! Her name is Shu-ting Yu ("My name is pronounced Shu-ting, like shooting star," she explained the first time we met, "but when you put it with my last name, it sounds like 'Shooting you!' But don't worry--I will not shoot you!")

After the co-teaching pairs were unveiled this morning, we all got lunch and sang karaoke for 3.5 hours as an ice-breaker. And Shu-ting knew all the words to this song:

Even for a native Chinese speaker, this is no small feat. It's starting to look like an excellent school year!

1 comment:

Amanda Ann said...

congratulations, my vicky! you are deserving of much shuting-yu. *cough*

i would say that video capture's perfectly asia's conception of texas, except i'm pretty sure it's mine, too...