Sunday, February 15, 2009

Count Your Blessings

It's already Tuesday, but I've still got a "case of the Mondays." I guess it's kind of like a hangover without the liver damage. After my month -long winter break during which I promised myself to make the most of this final semester in Taiwan, I find myself sliding back into my old habits and attitudes; it seems that the good will and positive thinking built up over a month of seeing old friends, travel and meditation depletes itself pretty quickly.

I know that giving thanks is usually an activity reserved for Thanksgiving, but it seems like an appropriate time to take stock of the little things that bring me joy out here.

1. The Internet: thank you for bringing me Skype, GChat, the online graduate school application and The New Yorker.

2. My roommates: Good company goes a long way, and luckily for me, good company is never far away.

3. Emails from Paul: "so i spent valentines day [at my sister's college] with my mom; it was nice to know you are never too gay to be oedipal."

4. Employment: the only thing worse than being employed is being unemployed. Truth.

5. Coworkers who send me photos like this:


Chloe Lutts said...

You're so right about the employment paradox it's not even funny. Why does life have to consist of a rock and a hard place?

The Chao said...

I've been told that your first job always sucks. Given that our first job doesn't involve sewing shoes, I guess we have no where to go but up?

Matt said...

Mkay, I'm gonna have to ask what the eggplant is saying, and why does he look so cheerful with the sign impaled through his arm?

The Chao said...

The eggplant's sign roughly translates as "welcome!"