Friday, December 26, 2008

Distractions Part 2

This reminds me of many people--a former roommate, a current colleague, and so many more.  I'd write my own review, but Sasha Frere Jones, pop music critic for The New Yorker,  just does such a good job...


Watching this video, you will wonder, briefly, if Chris Dane Owens “means it.” This is an ungenerous thought—dismiss it. You may also wonder why “Shine On Me” is modelled on early ABC and Spandau Ballet and padded out with an unnecessary layer of loud guitars. Irrelevant. What you need to know is that Mr. Owens will live forever—until the dragons rule the earth again (or the first time, whatever)—and that you are going to watch this video more times than you can imagine. You may dream of this video, but the dream won’t be as good because it won’t be this video.

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