Thursday, November 13, 2008

Black Pea

I've been on hiatus. You can tell because I haven't been posting, or because my posts haven't been very good. I'd tell you I've been busy, but really, I've developed an addiction to TV.

I have, however, been checking my email and my friend Chloe sent me a blog that touches on many themes very near and dear to my heart. It's called My Mom Is A Fob. Here's a sample post:

Black men on TV
By mmiaf | November 12, 2008

[At the dinner table, speaking in Mandarin except for names]
Me: Ma, these steaks are amazing!
Bro: Mmmm, so good, wowww… thanks Ma!
Mom: Yes, and my grill is so great because it drips excess oil while it’s grilling the meat! Simple and easy to clean, and keeps us healthier. I bought one for your Aunt Jean in Taiwan, too since it’s so handy. I just love my Morgan Freeman Grill!
[Bro and I look at each other confused]
Bro: OMG… Ma… did you mean… your George Foreman Grill?
Mom: You two always like to pick at my English. Their names are similar okay, and they’re both nice black men I see on TV!!!!

And for those of you who got the Black Pea reference, I hope you're laughing. For those who didn't, I'm sure it'll come up later. It's probably my favorite mom story in recent memory.


Skylar said...

Vicky, Do you ever visit "stuff white people like" ? If you haven't you'd love it.

費凱蒂 Katie said...

second time I've destroyed your productivity with a TV show. I couldn't be more proud.